Our professional targets offer
training and fun for shooters of all levels.

TypeWidth*Length (mm)MaterialQuantity (in stock)Price (€/pcs+VAT)Minimum order
IPSC Metric760*480B, 3mm, W/B27130.3850
IPSC Standard460*580B, 3mm, W/B87950.2950
IPSC Standard460*580B, 3mm, B/B, WP39490.3350
IPSC Mini381*306B, 3mm, W/B54560.2150
IPSC IDPA783*462B, 3mm, W/B6200.3850
IPSC Micro186*234B, 3mm, W/B9500.0950
IPSC Standard460*580B, 3mm, B/B16000.2950
Sticker⌀20mmTransfer Vellum S2045N, WHT2001.101
Sticker⌀20mmTransfer Vellum S2045N, BRN01.101
Sticker⌀20mmTransfer Vellum S2045N, BLK61.101

Glossary of Terms and Symbols

  • B/B = brown/brown
  • W/B = white/brown
  • BLK = black
  • WHT = white
  • BRN = brown
  • WP = waterproof
  • Sticker = shooting target pasters


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