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The company Gisanera OÜ started its journey in 2013 and has since then focused on the sale of сorrugated boxes. Our experience and expertise in this field allow us to offer our customers the best solutions from designing cardboard boxes to transporting the production to the warehouse. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist our customers from start to finish, ensuring quality and professional service at every stage. Our commitment to our customers and their needs has always been our main objective, and this is reflected in our services and products.

Approach and merits of Lainepapp


We have created the Lainepapp.ee website to provide our customers with a simple, easy to understand and efficient platform for buying and ordering cardboard boxes and cartons. Our company's culture is one of collaboration and personalized service, with the goal of efficiently resolving all cardboard box related issues. Thanks to our optimal size, we are able to keep costs low and offer our customers a competitive price, while maintaining high quality according to FEFCO standards. Our aim is always to offer the best service and solutions to our customers, ready to personalise every project related to cardboard boxes and to ensure on-time deliveries and satisfaction at all stages.

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Cardboard boxes according to your needs. We produce more than 200 different cardboard boxes.
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Delivery guarantee

Guaranteed delivery times. We can manufacture cardboard boxes in advance and store them in our warehouse.

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